Tax Services

Raines & Fischer Tax Services

Whether you're a fund manager, a business owner, or an individual who has complex finances, you will benefit from our integrated tax consulting, planning, and preparation services.

We have decades of experience handling the most complex of tax filings, whether it be for Individuals, Trusts/Estates, Partnerships, Corporations, or Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). And we provide step-by-step guidance with tax planning and compliance all year – not just during tax season. Most important, we look at tax services as part of the bigger picture, because tax planning, compliance, and filing are just a few components in the successful management of your professional and personal financial profile.

Tax services include:

  • Current tax review and assessment
  • Year-round planning and tax strategy
  • Guidance on all business and personal tax matters, including corporate tax, sales tax, payroll tax, personal income tax, capital gains, and estate tax
  • Preparation and filing of returns and related forms for all local, state, and federal taxes
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual assistance with recordkeeping and/or bookkeeping
  • Advisement and filing for complex tax profiles, including multi-state and international filing
  • Representation in the event of an income, estate, sales, or payroll tax audit