Hedge Fund Services

Raines & Fischer Hedge Fund Services

The hedge fund industry is different from other industries in that it requires a number of service providers from inception and through the duration of their lifespan. 

Hedge funds normally require an auditor, a fund administrator, a tax preparer, and an attorney – all of whom serve as key advisers throughout. Raines & Fischer has decades of experience in each of these areas and can be a valued asset to any hedge fund. Due to auditor independence rules, a CPA firm cannot serve all these functions for the same client, but Raines & Fischer offers a distinct advantage to our hedge fund clients in that we can draw on our experience in all areas to provide the specific service you need from us.
In addition to our depths of experience, Raines & Fischer offers you something many other firms do not: partner-level attention. 

When Raines & Fischer takes on your audit, fund administration, or hedge fund tax engagement, the partner on the engagement remains heavily involved in all aspects of your work. Knowing you have this senior-level attention devoted to your work, you can feel very secure with Raines & Fischer serving your hedge funds, in whatever capacity you choose.
Our hedge fund services include:

Fund Administration

  • Computation of monthly NAVs and fund performance
  • Maintenance of partner capital accounts
  • Interface with limited partners, fund auditors, and other service providers

Hedge Fund Audit Services

  • Issuance of audited financial statements
  • Limited scope engagements, including attestation of performance results

Hedge Fund Tax Services

  • Preparation of Fund Tax Returns and related K-1s for investors
  • Year-end tax planning, including wash sale and constructive sale analysis
  • Complex IRS reporting of foreign investments