Estates & Trust Administration

Raines & Fisher Estates and Trust Administration

Planning for your family's needs, and working through the issues that arise when a family member dies can be daunting and complex. Raines & Fischer can help advise you on solutions to these very personal and important issues.
Our office has been advising clients on estate and trust matters for decades. With partners who have probated wills, served as executors to estates, and prepared estate tax returns in states all over the country, we have the people in place to give you many perspectives on your estate/trust planning and compliance – and give you peace of mind.

Our managing partner, Alan P. Raines, Esq, is also a practicing attorney, so we can address both legal and tax issues that need attention in your estate planning and estate/trust tax compliance, including preparing or modifying your last will and testament, creating trust vehicles, or any other advisement you may need in these matters.

Estate and Trust Administration Services include:

  • Preparation of Last Will and Testament by the Law Office of Alan P. Raines, Esq.
  • Guidance in creating an estate plan, including formation of trusts and other estate planning vehicles
  • In an estate situation, probating your will and filing necessary estate tax returns
  • General guidance in estate planning and compliance