Raines & Fisher Bookkeeping Services

Whether you are meticulous about making entries in QuickBooks and running your own P&L every month, or throw all your receipts in a shoebox at the end of the year, we can offer as little, or as much assistance with paperwork and expense management as you require.

By selecting Raines & Fischer for your accounting/bookkeeping services, you are getting qualified professionals whose experience typically goes well beyond that of per-diem accountants or bookkeepers. Having the same firm handle both your accounting/bookkeeping services and tax services generates economies of scale over having these functions done by separate professionals. By assembling your accounting records during the course of the year, rather than just seeing the books at year-end, we can see potential problems or tax planning opportunities in real time rather than having to react after the fact – which allows us to help you better manage your business and financial needs.

Accounting/Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses include:

  • Set-up of accounting software and in-house training for you or designated staff
  • On-site or off-site accounting/bookkeeping/back-office, wherever you prefer our staff perform these functions for you
  • Outsourcing and placement of part- and full-time bookkeeping, accounting, Controller, or CFO personnel
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual meetings with a partner to review P&L, Cash Flow, and future strategies
  • Preparation of financial statements

Accounting /Bookkeeping Services for Individuals include:

  • Set-up of bookkeeping software and one-on-one training for you, a family member, household manager, or assistant
  • Or, complete personal accounting and bookkeeping services by a Raines & Fischer staff bookkeeper assigned specifically to your account
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual budget and expense reviews with a partner to review spending and identify places to conserve wealth
  • Balancing of checkbooks, tracking cash outlays, and reconciliation of credit card statements
  • Tracking and management of regular expenses and bill payments
  • Preparation of financial statements and applications for purposes of securing bank loans, real estate, college loans, etc.